Below is BUZZ about Sarah Rose Public Relations and founder Sarah Rose Attman. Sarah is a regular contributor to many publications, offering her expertise to aspiring entrepreneurs or anecdotes from her life as a young modern woman. See examples below!

Meet the PR Industry’s 30 Under 30
Adweek names the field’s emerging communication leaders.

Local PR Agency talks Small Business Saturday
Walk into Sarah Rose Public Relations, and you will notice one major quirk- all of the employees are named Sarah. Two of the “Sarah’s” came in to discuss Small Business Saturday and why it is important to Baltimore.

15 Best Baltimore PR Firms
We looked at 168 PR firms in Baltimore and picked the top 15, including Sarah Rose Public Relations. SRPR has received this recognition every year since the list began in 2016.

5 ‘Bad’ Millennial Traits That Are Actually Good for Entrepreneurs
For those young aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make it big, here is how to turn those stereotypically “bad” millennial traits to your advantage.

When did Baltimore become so chic?
Let’s just say Andy Cohen isn’t planning a Real Housewives of Baltimore anytime soon.

Founder at Sarah Rose Public Relations
Sarah Attman was recently named by AdWeek one of the top “30 Under 30” Public Relations Professionals in the nation.

Why PR peers should play nice
I thought publicists were pretty much the mean girls.

6 Things You Learn When You’ve Been Single For Most Of Your 20s
I’ve spent the majority of my twenties alone. I made great girlfriends, established myself professionally, traveled, and learned.

5 Tips for Settling Into a New City
I love the idea of packing up and moving to a new city.

9 Ways to Up Your PR Game
Tools and skills you can’t live without from today’s leading PR minds.

Just Launched a Startup? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Hire a PR Pro Just Yet
Today we bring you a guest post by Sarah Rose Attman, president of Sarah Rose Public Relations and former staff reporter for US Weekly.

How Coloring My Hair Changed Me As A Person
With distance from the girl I used to be, I had space to figure out who I really was and what I really wanted — and I wanted to be blonde.

How getting stabbed in the back (figuratively) almost crushed Sarah Rose Attman
Getting stabbed in the back (figuratively) caused, what seemed at the time, irreparable damage to Sarah’s rep. Listen to how she recovered!

Try and Come at Your Problems From Different Perspectives

In this 34-minute episode Sarah Attman and I discuss: Looking at problems from different perspectives, Staying mentally healthy in order for your business to grow, Having a ‘What’s the worst that could happen?’ attitude and The value of saying yes to every opportunity

A PR Couture Guest Article by Sarah Rose
Mix Business & Pleasure By Hosting a Fabulous Dinner Party for Media and Clients.

Clients are the best teachers: 3 lessons learned
Ah, clients. Their success is our success, and their misery is ours, also.

Celebrity Stylists Taught Me A Surprising Lesson About Judging Others
It has been said that fashion is just another way to express yourself.

Should You Ever Send Email Blasts to Editors?
While you should attempt to avoid doing blasts, sometimes as a publicist, you gotta do, what you gotta do.

I Learned Nothing in College
Ok, ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration. I learned some things in college.

17 Reasons Women Make Great Leaders
Business News Daily asked female leaders to share their thoughts on women in power. Here are 17 reasons women make great leaders.

3 Important PR Lessons from 3 Biz Dev Connections
Today we bring you a guest post by Sarah Rose Attman, president of Sarah Rose Public Relations and former staff reporter for US Weekly.

Review: The Cold War Kids Rockin’ Homecoming Performance
Judging from The Cold War Kids’ surprise performance in East Los Angeles on Friday night, they’ve been chomping at the bit to bring it all back home.

A rose by no other name, Sarah Rose PR is blooming!
Like most successful people will reflect, an obstacle is merely an opportunity.

Art Beyond Laguna
Even though we love Laguna Beach, we know there’s plenty of great art – and related activities – in Orange County just waiting to be explored..

Get Paddling – The Burn
Find out if stand up paddleboarding is the water sport for you.

Spirits and Headhunters
Ponder the magical at Bowers Museum’s exhibit dedicated to the art of the Pacific Islands..