What is Public Relations?

Public Relations (PR) is a type of marketing, also referred to as “earned media.” It is when a publication or broadcast outlet (TV or radio) talks about your company. As a PR agency, our job is to share your story with journalists and encourage them to write an article about you or have you on their radio or TV show. When they do, you have “earned” your media story.

How is PR different from Advertising?

If PR is “earned media,” then advertising is “paid media.” An ad happens when you purchase space which you use to share information about your company. PR is when a journalist or TV show talks about you in an organic manner.

Why choose PR?

Firstly, advertising is expensive! It can cost tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars to buy ad space. Secondly, journalists are “trusted sources.” Imagine you are reading a magazine. Do you focus more on the ad or on the story you’re reading? The story, of course! As such, the CONTENT in a magazine written by a journalist about you is 3x more valuable than an ad of that same size (Source – PR Daily).

What are the risks?

Hiring a PR company is a risk because there are no guarantees. We can’t promise you a full feature in the New York Times no matter how much you pay us, because that’s not how the media works. Instead, our job as your PR firm is to share your story in a powerful, compelling, and thorough way with the media. They either take the bait or they don’t. However, we have strong testimonials and a proven track record of consistent placements.

Where are some outlets Sarah Rose PR has placed clients?

CNBC, Forbes, Huffington Post, LA Times, Washington Post, Entrepreneur, Investor’s Business Daily, Tech Crunch, San Francisco Chronicle, Fox Business News, and more! Check out our portfolio here.

What’s Sarah’s background? Is it just her or does she have any other employees?

Before launching her PR company, Sarah worked as a journalist. She was on staff at Us Weekly in Los Angeles and then freelanced for a variety of west coast and national publications. In addition to running her PR firm, she teaches PR to entrepreneurs at University of Maryland Baltimore County’s Cyber Incubator. Sarah’s team consists of Jillian Ellis, Account Executive; Sarah Elizabeth Aversano, Account Executive; Courtney Titus-Barr, Social Media Director; Alexis Gavrelis, Assistant Account Executive; and several freelance team members who support our research, pitching, social media, and writing efforts.

Can they get me local press if they are not located in my city?

Yes! We have clients all over the country! We have gotten local coverage for clients from Mississippi to Oakland to New York City to Baltimore. In today’s digital world, it’s not essential to be local to get the job done.

What other services do they offer?

Social media management, social media advertising, email marketing, blogging and content marketing, influencer marketing, grassroots programs, college ambassador programs, and guerrilla marketing campaigns.

What does Sarah Rose PR cost? And what are the terms of the agreement?

Every campaign is priced differently depending on the size and scope of the project. Campaigns start at $3000 a month, requiring a 6-month minimum commitment.

Next steps:

Email us to set up a phone call at info@sarahrosepr.com. We’ll discuss your PR needs, what makes you unique, and uncover your “story.” After our call, if desired, we will send you a proposal. Once that is approved, we will send you an agreement. Services are to begin on the first of the next month, unless there’s a breaking-news item that needs attention ASAP.